4 Content Ideas that will Highlight your Unique Personality into your Business

Every business has a story. This story is what makes your business a brand. Your story tells your audience why you started your business and who you want to serve—it’s what   makes your business unique. Small business owners often ask, “how can I make my business stand out from the crowd?” My response is, “it’s your story that makes your business stand out from the rest”. Here are four compelling brand stories you can and should tell on social media. 

1. Share a problem that you solved. 

Did you start your business out of a need? Did you fill a gap in the market? Tell us! Tell us how you came to the problem and what you did to solve it. Perhaps you are an interior decorator whose first project was designing your baby’s nursery. Or maybe you had problems finding certain specialty foods and created an online store as a result. Whatever the problem was, your followers will love to hear how your business came about as a result. 

2. Explain your inspiration for being in business.

This is your “Why?”. Why do you want to build your business? One of my clients is an interior designer who creates family spaces that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults by seeking out transitional design elements. Her “Why” is that she enjoys helping  families love their homes.

3. Show how you are different.

Let’s be real. You will not be the only business doing what you do but you can show potential customers how you are different. Perhaps you are a professional makeup artist who is also a busy mom. I bet you understand and have perfected the “Five Minute Face.”. You need to highlight this. More often than not there are elements of your personal life that influence your business. This is what makes you different. 

4. Celebrate a customer story.

Like you, I started my business because I wanted to help. I wanted business owners to get over their fear of using Instagram for their businesses. I wanted to help them with their Instagram strategy and encourage them to post on their business account. The feeling I get when I receive a “Thank you” email from a customer is the best thing about doing what I do. If you are a realtor, you can post about finding the perfect lake-side retreat for that family who wanted a bit of the country life. Each of your clients is different and you were able to meet their individual needs.  

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