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Quick + easy meals - Fried rice

Quick + easy meals - Fried rice

As a mom boss/entrepreneur it is essential to have an arsenal of easy recipes on hand because lets face it, time is scarce and my family is hungry. So let’s dive into one of our favourites, Quick Fried Rice.

The ingredient list is really dependent on what you have on hand but rice, eggs and soya sauce are the essentials (and thankfully staples in most households). Then to use whatever veggies and protein you have in your fridge. Making dinner AND cleaning out the fridge, check you out super moms and dads!

If you are not confident in your winging it skills, check out Canadian Living’s recipe for a guide. But I promise after your first go, this will become second nature and you’ll be the fried rice master. Just keep reading to see just how simple this really is...

To get started, scramble an egg and set it aside. Using the same pan, cook (or reheat) your protein. Then add rice (preferably leftover so it isn’t too sticky). Make sure to break up the rice rather than plotting it in as a brick. Then add your vegetables (I really love frozen mixes for this). The pea, corn and carrot mix give a pretty pop of color, some good texture and nutrients (triple threat veg). When everything is heated through, add back the scramble egg and hit it all with soya sauce (or tamari).

In no time, you’ll have dinner (with all the important food groups) in your bellies. And only a single pan to clean (isn’t life grand)! If you like this recipe, check back for more of these gems.

Tip: If you want your fried rice to have that gorgeous yellow colour, add a bit of raw egg at the very end.

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