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My Fitness Journey

My Fitness Journey

First off, I’m a mom of 2 young kids and fitness was never part of my lifestyle. To be honest, it never had to be. I’ve been healthy by “my yearly physical standards” and my weight/BMI was always in check without me having to do much.

But something just clicked October 2016. My sister is diligent at working out. Every morning she gets up at 5:30am-6am and does her morning run on the beach (gosh that Sydney, Australian weather) and she calls me after. Usually post-workout at her regular latte joint. Perhaps that is what made me want to try to incorporate fitness into my lifestyle. Again to be honest, I don’t know why.

I’ve been given an opportunity to reflect on why I started this journey and it’s nothing like I’ve ever written, but something I want to share because a few friends have asked me how I made it into a lifestyle.

Why I started

Like how any mom would typically answer “my kids made me do it”. And this is the case. My  daughter was my main reason. I asked a friend of mine how going to the gym became part of her lifestyle and her response was “I grew up watching my parents go to the gym regularly. I thought it was normal”. That stuck. I’m my children’s role model. I couldn’t tell them to play outside instead of watching t.v. if I wasn’t active myself. And I want them to see it. Which gave me a good reason to work out on weekends while my husband watched the kids. “Mommy’s going to spin class” is a typical statement at my house.

3 things I did that helped me make it a lifestyle

I incorporated 3 things:

1. Found a gym/workout I liked (now love)

For me this is Spynga. I decided to try a class at Spynga because in full honestly it was convenient. It was right by my house. The schedule worked. I could drop off my daughter at school and make it to class. I still remember my first class. It exceeded my expectations 10 fold. The music was awesome and the other clients were incredibly welcoming. A couple who I see regularly at class were the first to say ‘hi’ and introduce themselves. Sometimes it’s the other clients who I’ll see that make me drag my butt to class. And after class I feel great.

Be true to yourself in finding what workout you like doing. Maybe it’s something you don’t love but find that something you like the most and stick to it. Which brings me to my second point...

2. Set a schedule

Find out when you are best to work out. For me that is in the morning. My hair’s already a mess, I haven’t put on makeup yet, and I have the least excuses. When I first started I aimed for 2 times a week because I really liked the instructor (she played a lot of Janet Jackson). So I just followed her schedule. I blocked it off my calendar. Got my things ready the night before so I had no excuses. I felt great after and my 2 times a week ended up being 3-4 (sometimes 5) times/week.

3. Stick to it for one month

I’m all about ‘robotic’ mode because deep down, I’m lazy af and I need to clear my head of excuses. I know that about myself which I think is a huge thing because it helped me realize how I could incorporate fitness as part of my lifestyle. For one month I stuck to a schedule. Drop-off kids then go to Spynga. I did it for one month and I couldn’t make excuses for not going. And I found myself actually making it my lifestyle. The key was I found a place/workout I really enjoyed. I didn’t cheat myself on that. Find something you like, do it for 1 month, then see how you feel after.

How it’s my lifestyle

I’m all about schedules. I manage my own, my business’ and my children’s. I run them all and I’m connected to them all. Every Sunday night I look at my calendar for the week ahead and add in my Spynga classes. I strive for 3 times a week and a bonus weekend spin with a girlfriend. (Spin+coffee has been a thing now)

Incorporating fitness into my lifestyle is never about losing weight. My body type needs a change in eating habits in order to shed some pounds and I don’t have the willpower for that. Results aren’t always physical but how you feel after and after a class at Spynga I feel good. That was my result.


All thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a paid/sponsored post. This is #myspyngastory

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