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Mama Beauty Hack- Lash Lifts

Mama Beauty Hack- Lash Lifts

As a mother and as a woman, I am always on the lookout for beauty products, services and hacks that make my life easier. And anything that isn’t time consuming, requires little upkeep and is inexpensive, well let's just say it is becoming a weapon in my beautification arsenal.

Looking put together can be as simple as on point lashes, some color on your cheeks and on your lips. Seems simple enough, right? Well if you have skimpy Asian lashes like moi, gorgeous lashes do not simply come out of a mascara bottle. So in the spirit of looking good without busting my hump, I tried eyelash extensions.

The concept behind lash extensions is great but for my fine lashes, the extra weight of the extensions caused breakage. My natural lashes were left so short I couldn’t even use an eyelash curler. Needless to say the damage they caused did not warrant the time and cost.

So now I’m in a pickle because I want fab lashes but the extensions aren’t doing it for me and neither is the morning routine of curling, priming and layers upon layers of mascara. Luckily I have great friends and one of them lets me in on a beauty secret, Lash Lifts. Fast forward to a year later and I am hooked!

If you don’t know, a lash lift is a treatment that adds curl and definition to your natural lashes. The treatment takes max 30 minutes and lasts 8 to 10 weeks. With the lift treatment, I only spend 30 seconds a day applying a coat of mascara. And quite frankly, my lashes look even better than when I had extensions because they’re still my own lashes, just enhanced.

The process is also quite simple AND relaxing. A silicone shield is applied to your eyelid and the technician applies the same adhesive onto the top of the shield and brushes the natural lashes onto the shield to give the shape. Then you get some lifting cream on your lashes for 8 to 12 minutes. This is the part where you take a little cat nap (score!). The technician then applies a setting lotion for about 5 minutes. Last, some nourishing oil is applied, and voilà, you have gorgeous lashes that look real AF.

Now like with any beauty “procedure”, upkeep is key. And when I say upkeep, it is less what you need to do to maintain the lashes and more about what you shouldn’t do to them. If you follow these little tips, your lift will last for at least 8 weeks, closer to 10.

  1. Before your treatment, make sure your lashes and lids are clean. Zero product.

  2. After your treatment, no water or sweating for 24 hours. Yes, working out takes a backseat to this treatment. PS. Cleansing wipes are your friend.

  3. Do not touch your lashes. Think of this like a really good blow out and you know running your fingers through it will totally mess it up.

With Lash Lifts, I wake up feeling like 5 minutes (which is pretty much what I am allotted) is plenty of time to beautify my face. And as a mom of 2, an entrepreneur, a wife, and so much more, these small indulgences allow me to constantly be on and look good while doing it all. Can’t really ask for more than that!

If you are in Toronto and are interested in this treatment, check out Beauty Babe Lounge (run by Wendy, a fellow momtrepreneur). You will not regret it! I love my lashes and after a solid 2 months my lashes still have a great curl. Not everyone will have the same result.

Mention 'OLILIBABY' or this blog post on your next visit to Beauty Babe Lounge and receive $10 off.


All views are my own. I was not sponsored to write this post.

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