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How to Pack like a Pro with a Baby (without bringing the whole nursery)

How to Pack like a Pro with a Baby (without bringing the whole nursery)

Packing List Essentials: Infant Edition

Having kids has never stopped our family from travel. My daughter’s first trip was Montreal, Quebec at 4 months and my son’s was Banff, Alberta also at 4 months. And let’s be honest, that first trip I took with my daughter as a new mom going away for the first time was stressful! But now I consider myself seasoned and I want to share how we did it with little one’s and our sanity intact. Everybody loves travelling, but not many are brave enough to do it with infants and toddlers. But the reality is, with a bit of preparedness and ingenuity, your family vacation can be fun for everyone. So let’s talk tips and tricks that’ll make you re-think leaving the kids at home with the grandparents.

#1 Pack a small amount of laundry detergent… Whereas it is easy to pack enough for yourself without having to do laundry, with a baby, you never know how many outfit changes will be required. Washing a few pieces in the sink is a piece of cake and by morning, they’ll be dry and ready for the next adventure (and accident). Small bottles can be found at any pharmacy. Even re-using travel size shampoo bottles would work. Tip: To prevent any leakage while travelling, I use plastic wrap to wrap the bottle.  

#2 Keep a spare set of clothes on you for babe… With accidents in mind, make sure you have a change of clothes for any mishaps during travel. Because as we all know, a dry kiddie is a happy kiddie. And if your travel plans don’t pan out exactly as planned (which they won’t), you’ll be glad to have something for them to change into incase of a layover. Packing a light tee-shirt or even scarf for yourself is recommended to. Just in case baby decides to get messy on you.  

#3 Baby wipes are for bums and faces, disinfecting wipes for other dirty things… Even the nicest hotel can miss a few spots so use these to wipe down remotes and anything else your little one can get their hands on. And this goes for airplane tray tables as well…

#4 Fruit pouches for the win… At home it is easy to make sure meals are well balanced. When you’re travelling, not so much. Fruit pouches are a great way to keep everyone happy because kids love them and you love when fruits and veggies make their way into snack and mealtime. And they won’t weigh nearly as much as a sack of produce.

#5 A few OLILIBABY kiddie clips… Whether you’re touring a museum, strolling through a market, or relaxing by the beach, you will have a need for our clips.

Use them to clip items to your bag, clip towels to chairs, clip a swaddle to a stroller. Promise that these small extras will save you from a lot of frustration.

#6 Infant’s favorite blanket, teddy, pacifier, etc… Do not under any circumstance leave home without your little one’s favorite thing because this one item can turn a vacation into your worst nightmare. It isn’t about bringing the nursery with you; it is about bringing that item that will ward off any tantrum.

#7 Reinforcements (totally optional)…  Although it is nice to travel with your immediate family unit, it is never a bad thing to have an extra set of adult hands tagging along. This is a nice way to assure your vacation has a few hours of kid-free relaxation time. And let’s be honest, very few grandparents will pass up the opportunity to spend quality time with their grandchildren, so it’s a win-win.

You’ll notice nothing on this list requires an extra suitcase (except the reinforcements) and each item tackles a potential tumultuous moment so rather than stressing, your family can have a beautiful time on vacation together. Now all that’s left to decide is where are we off to next.

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