Hi! I'm Christine

Hi! I'm Christine, a mom and a social media marketing expert living in Toronto, Canada with my family. I have always believed in living a life of authenticity and purpose, so after having my first child, I ditched the corporate world to pursue multiple business endeavours that I am passionate about. 

Funny enough, I feel like I have accomplished more in my career since making that decision than I had over the previous 15 years! I'm self-taught and I work hard to stay at the forefront of the rapidly changing social media marketing landscape, particularly as it applies to small business. 

When it comes to putting your business out there, I believe there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution and that mishaps provide opportunity for learning and growth. 

A little more about me

From a Project Manager at a Fortune 500 company to an E-Commerce Store Owner

As a Project Manager, I had a knack for being a team player and motivating team members to get projects done. Ten months into my first maternity leave I was laid off and found that the skills I had acquired during my career in project management naturally led me to entrepreneurship. Initially I started ventures in freelance floral design and website development.


When I had my second child, I switched gears and set up an online store selling stroller blanket clips . I had no retail background but I did have a desire to fill a gap I had preceived in the market by bringing these innovative and functional products to other parents. After two years of selling online, I found myself keenly interested in social media marketing so I pivoted once again into a social media consultant, which is what I do now.

I could talk about this all day every day…

Anyone who knows me knows I can talk about food all day, every day. To me, nothing brings people together like a meal around the table, whether they are long-time friends or new acquaintances. Business meetings are best conducted over coffee, and kids feel so accomplished when they have helped prepare a meal. When I travel, I always visit a food market because it makes me feel like a local.

I’ll often post what I’m cooking or eating on Instagram and you can bet I’ll make some reference to food when we first meet.


What yours?

All this to say that talking about my interest in cooking and food is one of the ways I make a more genuine connection with my target market. 

If you are having trouble bringing your personality into social media posts, I can help.

Send me your Instagram handle and three to five things about yourself and I’ll send you three Instagram content ideas that will help you make more genuine connection with your target market.